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School Calendar

Check this often to keep up to date on everything that's ahead for you and your children at ArtsCalibre Academy.

Use the Filter feature below to show only the events for your child's age group.  Click on the Filter Age Group drop down list, select one or more age groups that you're interested in (Preschool, Junior Kindergarten or Kindergarten and Elementary), then click on the Filter button.  You can also click on any coloured event to view further details provided for it – including the age group(s) to which it applies.

Note: Above features may not be available on all mobile devices.

Event Colour Legend

 Blue  Key dates (e.g. first/last days of school, Open Houses, deadlines, etc.)
 Green  Special events or occasions outside of class time
 Orange  In-class activities
 Red  School closures (e.g. statutory holidays or breaks)
Filter Age Group:
  1 Assessments (Gr 8-12) 2 Curriculum Completion Day 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 Father's Day 19 LAST WEEK of Before/After-School Programs - TERM 3 (K - Gr 12) 20 21 Middle School Transition Day (Gr 5) 22 Monthly Newsletter (K-12) 23 24
25 26 Camping Trip (St. George's) Fun Day (Gr K-5) 27 Camping Trip (St. George's) Clean-up Days Fun Day (Gr 6-12) 28 Camping Trip (St. George's) Clean-up Days Last Day of School / Graduation Day - PRESCHOOL 29 Last Day of School/Graduation Day (K to Gr 12) Report Cards Issued (Gr K-12) 30 Administrative / Shut Down Day (School staff ONLY) Summer Break - ALL schools closed