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At ArtsCalibre we’re passionate about what we do, and are dedicated to providing the highest quality education available.  We believe this is clearly reflected in the feedback that we’re constantly receiving from our families.

Here are just a few examples of the consistent praise that we have received from parents over the last few years:

“As parents, we often wonder if the choices we make for our daughter are the right ones. Enrolling her at ArtsCalibre Academy was absolutely one of the best choices we have made! Thank you for giving our daughter a wonderful education filled with fun and engaging learning activities. She is really enjoying piano, swimming, Spanish, drama, dance and choir.  She loves the Outdoor Education program and loves exploring on all of the exciting school field trips. The leadership skills she is learning at the school will benefit her for a lifetime.  We will forever be grateful to the warm, kind and loving teachers at ArtsCalibre who go above and beyond for every student every day. Thank you!”
– Lanka and Ryan

img_4786_f400x267_1438038191“Thank you so very much for offering such a special program. Since she started in the 3 Year Olds program, Grace has grown SO much. You have created a place where children can learn and explore in many, many ways. THANK YOU!  We are so fortunate to have found you!  Now Grace is ready for the BIG world of Kindergarten.”
– Jenn and Chris

“Don and I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all that you’ve done for Luke this year. You have no idea how wonderful it was to see him so enthusiastic to go to school, and so excited to tell us what he did each day when we picked him up. Your patience, caring and understanding made him feel safe, happy and comfortable being there. It’s not very often that you find a daycare or preschool where every teacher is so amazing, and we’re very sad to say goodbye to ArtsCalibre.”
– Trish and Don

“The three years that our daughter attended ArtsCalibre Academy’s Preschool and Junior Kindergarten programs were so lovely. Through the kind and loving attention of each of her teachers, our daughter spent many hours of fun and learning in a safe and caring environment.  She loved it, we loved it, and her little brother will love it starting this September.”
– Joanne and Lee

“We feel that the program is far and above all other preschools in Victoria.  We have been so pleased with the outstanding staff, the engaging lessons/themes, and the creative approach that the program provides. Nolan has thoroughly enjoyed his school days.  At home, he is usually singing and dancing the songs and dances he has learned at school.  He has really come out of his shell this year, and I believe a lot of it has to do with the activities that he has taken part in at school. The program has exceeded my expectations and I can’t thank the teachers enough for their caring and thoughtful ways with the children.  We look forward to the 4 year old program next September!”
– Natalie

“Attending ArtsCalibre has helped our daughter develop a deep love of learning, and now teaching.  She is always telling her little sister that she wants to teach her to do something that she herself learned in class. Prior to this program she was disinterested in playing musical instruments, but she has now started playing our piano to describe her emotions, or an animal, or just to accompany a story she has to tell.

Every day she asks to go to preschool, and would go seven days a week if she could. I just don’t know how we’re going to manage without your program over the summer months.

The ArtsCalibre program has helped our daughter grow and mature, and we are overjoyed at her newfound love of learning. It is something very important to both my husband and myself (as holders of upper-level graduate degrees) and we have immense gratitude for the love of learning that this program has instilled in our daughter. Thank you for everything, and I cannot wait to watch our youngest daughter also benefit from your program next year.”
– Alina

“Wow, I can’t believe the effect. She’s so confident and brave now. The other day she went up to a bunch of new kids at the playground and asked if they wanted to play “Ring Around the Rosie”!

Other preschools worried me with their competetiveness and the pressure that I felt would be there for the children to learn math and reading. ArtsCalibre has none of that pressure — yet, our daughter will see a picture of someone and say “Doesn’t she look like the Mona Lisa?” — or will be out at night and say “It’s ‘Starry Night’!” It’s just incredible what they’re learning in this happy, caring and enriching environment.”
– Elizabeth

iStock_000039429818_Full_f300x200_1427413759“We have four little girls and have participated in many preschool programs. ArtsCalibre has exceeded our expectations and we would recommend this preschool program to anyone looking for a quality environment for their toddler. Emmalee first entered the doors reserved, shy and spending time quietly by herself. At the end of the year, she is energetic and wanting to participate in all of the programs and activities. The staff is very energetic and patient. We are very pleased.”
– Melinda

“The teachers are so caring and committed. The program is creative, fun and child-centered. There is a greater ratio of staff to children, so each child gets a lot of attention and is truly valued by the staff.”
– Nadine

“I loved the positive atmosphere at ArtsCalibre. The educators were caring, creative and enthusiastic. My daughter had a fabulous year! The introduction to written music and lots of dance forms was really amazing. And the artwork that came home was great! -Jennifer