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Fees and Tuition

Once we have had the opportunity to meet you and your child, our Admissions team will provide you with access to the applicable registration form. To fully secure your registration/re-enrollment, the Registration/Re-enrollment Fee and September Tuition Fee will be due either during our re-enrollment period (by the first Friday in March) or immediately upon notice of a successful application. This allows us to plan staffing/resources for the school year.

All fees and tuition include taxes.



 Monthly tuition (see chart) plus non-refundable Annual Registration Fee of $100.


2 Days


3 Days


4 Days

(3-Day Option + Tues OR Thurs)

5 Days

(Mon to Fri)

Our Fee





Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) Discount -- automatically deducted





Your NET Monthly Tuition Fee







Kindergarten to Grade 12

Base Tuition

Tuition fees are calculated on an annual basis. Full (undiscounted) tuition for the school year is $8,500 for a single student attending full-time. Tuition for September is due on the first Friday in March or at registration (if after that date) and is non-refundable (except for the Pre-payments Refunds policy below).

Sibling Discounts

We are pleased to offer a 10% discount to families who have more than one child enrolled at the school. The discount is applied to the tuition for all siblings of the first child.

Application Fee

The Application Fee is a non-refundable, one-time contribution of $1,000 per student to offset the time and expense that comprise the intake process for new students and will also be used for future campus development. This fee is due at registration.

Re-Enrollment Fee

The Re-Enrollment Fee is a non-refundable, annual contribution of $350 per family to build the infrastructure of the school and will be used for projects and materials to enhance student learning.

Chromebook Deposit for Middle/High School Students (Grades 7 to 12)

A one-time $100 Chromebook Deposit will be collected for middle/high school students (new registrations and those entering Grade 6 at re-enrollment). The deposit is held until students graduate and return the Chromebook in good working condition. At that time, you may request reimbursement or choose to donate the deposit amount to ArtsCalibre Academy.

Core Elective/Tech Fee for Middle/High School Students (Grades 7 to 12)

The Core Elective/Tech Fee is an annual contribution of $300 per student that is collected for students entering middle/high school (either at registration or re-enrollment), to assist with specialized elective supplies, such as kayaks for Outdoor Pursuits, wood or metal, guest speakers and musical theatre. Please note – the Equestrian (horseback riding) elective, has a separate fee.

There may be additional costs for certain class field trips, project supplies and middle/high school electives.


Payment Options and Schedule

The non-refundable first month’s tuition (first instalment) and Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) form for the remaining tuition are due on the first Friday in March. The pre-authorized payment schedule will be as follows:

If you prefer to pay with post-dated cheques (following the same payment schedule above), you may mail them to us (or drop them off) at: 

ArtsCalibre Academy
2625 Arbutus Road
Victoria, BC V8N 1W4


Pre-Payment Refunds

Should you need to withdraw your registration/re-enrollment before the start of the school year, your September tuition fee pre-payment is 50% refundable if we receive written notice (email is acceptable) prior to May 1st.  On or after this date it is fully non-refundable.


Returned Payment Policy

A $40.00 fee will apply to all NSF cheques or returned PADs, which must be replaced promptly.  Failure to do so may result in the removal of your child from the program.