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Junior Kindergarten 

Kindergarten - Grade 10

 Wednesday, January 29th 2020

   Location: ArtsCalibre Academy – Elementary/Middle School Campus 

 4201 Tyndall Avenue 

Considering a bold alternative to traditional education… a comprehensive program that is thoroughly enriched by the Arts?  Join us for this one an information session to find out how we do it, and what drives us.  It is a great opportunity to meet some members of our teaching and administrative teams, and other ArtsCalibre families.  See you there!



 Thursday, February 20th 2020

  Location: ArtsCalibre Academy – Preschool Campus 

3220 Cedar Hill Road 

There’s a reason why the first years of a child’s life are considered “formative” — they truly form the person, and profoundly influence the path and quality of the rest of their life. 

We believe that Fine Arts are the perfect vehicle for this formative process.  Through our structured but fun program of music, dance, theatre and visual arts, children not only absorb these and all academic subjects with enthusiasm and ease, but they also develop the creativity, confidence and social skills to successfully apply them throughout their future. 

It’s this philosophy and comprehensive program that sets us apart from every other Preschool.  It’s the Art of Preschool.