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K-12 Admissions

ArtsCalibre Academy is accepting registrations for the current 2021/2022 school year and beyond.  As a required first step in our registration process, please take a moment to complete our Prospective Student Questionnaire to enable us to get to know you and your children better.  Once you’ve completed it, be sure to consider booking a tour.


Tuition Fees

Updates to this page for our 2022/2023 School Year fees are in progress, and will be available shortly.  Please contact us for this information in the meantime.


Registration Process

Once we have had an opportunity to meet you in person (or chat with you via Zoom or by phone), our Admissions Team will provide you with access to our registration form.  After receiving your completed form and our non-refundable $225.00 annual "Inspiration Fund" fee, your child’s spot in the coming school year will be reserved.

To enable us to proceed confidently with staffing and resource purchases for the new school year, September tuition fees are due immediately upon notice of successful enrollment, and are also non-refundable.


Returning Students

The same fees apply as described under Registration Process above.  Our $225.00 "Inspiration Fund" fee (for K-12) is charged once per family annually.


Payment options

Lump Sum Payment

Some families wish to make full or partial lump sum tuition payments for the school year, and we are entirely flexible on this.  Contact us for details.

Post-dated Cheques

In addition to the September tuition advance payment described above, post-dated monthly cheques (dated the 1st of each month) for October through June are due by September 1st for the remainder of the school year.

Pre-Authorized Debit

A Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) service is also available as a convenient alternative to post-dated cheques — please contact us for details and setup.

A $40.00 fee will be applied to all NSF cheques or returned PADs, which must be replaced promptly.  Following a second NSF cheque/PAD, ArtsCalibre may require certified cheques or money orders (or a lump sum payment) for the remainder of the school year.


Other questions?  Feel free to contact us.